You have configured the WProofreader or SCAYT Cloud product, but you are getting the following error message in the console/network tab, so there are troubleshooting steps to resolve them.

Note, that we have highlighted variables in italics, which may be different depending on your subscription and specific case.

#Error description in the console/network tabReasonTroubleshooting steps
1The defined language code en_US is not available or supported for your customer ID. Please contact us at or submit a ticket at website.This means that while specifying the default language, you used the shortcode of the lanaguage, which is not enabled for your subscription.

1) Check here which language shortcode to use for the necessary language.

2) Check which languages are enabled for your subscription in your admin panel

3) Specify the default language using the 'lang' parameter and the supported language shortcode.

4) Clean your browsers' local storage and cache.

5) If you want to add extra language, follow the steps from here.

2403 error: 'proofreader_autosearch' product is not enabled or allowed. Contact for more details. You subscribed to one product, for example, Web API or SCAYT, but try to configure another one - WProofreader.Contact to handle the request. Our team will be able to convert your subscription to another type.

SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

You're receiving HTML (or XML) back from the server, but the dataType: JSON.Check the "Network" tab in dev tools to see the contents of the server's response, you will identify the response format=xml. The information regarding this request has to help you to identify the core of the issue.