There is an option available that allows collecting usage statistics in logs. To enable logging of requests, you need to perform the steps described in this guide.

1. Enable Direct Connection with AppServer

At the moment all the requests go to the CGI component (ssrv.cgi) and then transferred to AppServer. In order to enable the collecting of statistics in a log file, you need to configure the direct connection between the product that you integrated into you web app and Application Server (AppServer). 

Visit the Configuring Direct Connection between WebSpellChecker Products and AppServer 5.0 guide to enable the direct connection.

2. Enable Statistics Logging

Right after you configured the direct connection, all the requests will be processed directly by AppServer. Then you will be able to enable logging of requests by AppServer. You need to change the default values of SaveRequestStatistic and  RequestStatisticFilePath parameters in the AppServerX.xml file that are responsible for logging of statistics.


SaveRequestStatistic parameter regulates whether the service usage statistics should be logged. 

The usage statistics information is the general information about date and time of a request, domain, service ID, N of a session, type of command (spellcheck, grammar_check, get_suggestions and etc), user agent, language, look&feel.

This type of the information might be useful if there is a need to monitor usage statistics of the  WebSpellChecker services.

Parameter type:Boolean
Default value:OFF
Possible values:ON, OFF

Description:RequestStatisticFilePath parameter sets a path to a *.log file with requests statistics. 
Parameter type:String
Default value:Logs/RequestStatistic.log
Possible values:Path to a log file with requests statistics.

2.1.  Turn On SaveRequestStatistic

Change the default value of SaveRequestStatistic from OFF to ON.


2.2. Define Path of Statistics Log

Define a path to a log file where AppServer will record the information about requests processed by AppServer.


Make sure that a directory and a new file for statistics logs has proper permissions set that allows not only reading the file but also write to it.

3. Restart AppServer

If there are any changes made in the AppServer.xml file, you are required to restart AppServer to apply your changes.

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