As soon as the installation process is completed, you are required to activate a license in order to start using the WebSpellChecker application. Below you can find a step-by-step manual for the license activation on a Windows-based environment.

First of all you need to get a valid License Ticket ID to proceed with the license activation. Depending on the server license type, it may be a permanent (unlimited) or a 30-day trial license. Except the validity period, there is no difference between ticket types from the technical perspective.

Good to know:

  • If you do not have a license yet, you can obtain it using one of the following ways:
  • WebSpellChecker license is hardware-based. Once the license is activated, it can't be reused again.
  • If you are migrating WebSpellChecker from one server to another, you need to migrate the license as well. Check carefully the WebSpellChecker application migration procedure.
  • If you have problems with your license, contact us at

Step 1. Launch WebSpellChecker License Service

You can launch WebSpellChecker License Service either directly from Windows graphic user interface (GUI) or using command line interface (Command Prompt). You will find instructions for both options accordingly hereinafter.

Option A: Windows GUI

Go to Windows Start –> All Programs –> WebSpellChecker –> AppServer –> Request License

Option B: Command Prompt

Open Command Prompt –> Switch to [WebSpellChecker_Installation_Path]/AppServer –> Run AppServerX.exe -license_cmd_line

Step 2. Generate License Request

The License Request is a unique encoded string which contains a specified Ticket ID and description of your system the license will be bound to.

2.1. Specify your Ticket ID. You will receive this Ticket ID via email right after you subscribe.

2.2. License Request string will be generated as soon as you enter your Ticket ID. Copy the auto-generated License Request. You will use it for obtaining a License Response string.

If you decide make any edits to the initially specified Ticket ID, you will get a new autogenerated License Request string accordingly. So, you need to make sure you have copied the right License Request.

Step 3. Submit License Request

3.1. Access the License Request submit web-page:

Keep the License Service dialog opened until you complete all the license activation steps. Otherwise, you may break the license.

3.2. Insert the copied License Request string into the License Request field.

3.3. Enter your License Ticket ID. It may be a 30-day trial or permanent ticket that you received from WebSpellChecker on the trial version request or after the purchase respectively.

3.4. Click the Submit button. 

If on click the Submit button, you received an error, please make sure that:

  • License Ticket ID and License Request are specified correctly (i.e. no extra spaces, etc.).
  • License Ticket ID wasn't used or activated before. As once it is activated, you won't be able to re-use it again.

Otherwise, please reach the WebSpellChecker team at describing the problem.

Step 4. Get License Response

Once the License Request along with the License Ticket ID are successfully submitted, a License Response string will be automatically sent to email address(es) of the License Ticket ID owner(s). Usually, these are the people who ordered or requested the license.

4.1. Go to your email addresses. Find an email with the following subject: “ License Response” from <>. Copy your License Response string from the email.

4.2. Return to WebSpellChecker License Service from Step 1. Paste the copied License Response into a corresponding field on the WebSpellChecker License Service window or a line when using Command Prompt accordingly.

4.3. Complete the license activation process.

Option A: Windows GUI: License Confirmation: If all the previous steps were preformed properly and the entered License Response is correct, “OK, I have entered a valid License Response in the 'License Response' box” will change the state from inactive to active. Click “OK, I have entered a valid License Response in the 'License Response' box” to complete the process of the license activation for WebSpellChecker.

Option B: Command Prompt: License Confirmation: If all the previous steps were preformed properly and the entered License Response is correct, you will get a proper license confirmation message saying that the license has been confirmed and activated sucessfully.

Otherwise, you will get an error message The license you are trying to use is invalid. Please check your license details and try again.

If after checking all the license details and performing all the described steps, you are unable to get the license activated properly, please reach us at describing the problem.