WebSpellChecker provides two different solutions how the WebSpellChecker products can be installed and hosted: Cloud and Server.

WebSpellChecker Cloud Services

With the Cloud version, the WebSpellChecker products are hosted and running on the WebSpellChecker Cloud. There is no need to worry about maintaining your own infrastructure and digging into technical details trying to install and configure it – it is easier to setup. Moreover, the Cloud services subscription includes automated software updates, technical support, hosting costs and system administration.

  • Annual subscription at fair and reasonable price

  • Simplified Integration. Easy to get started

  • Automatic application upgrades and access to the latest features

  • Statistics monitoring and service management tool

  • Professional technical support during the year

The WebSpellChecker Cloud Services are provided with certain usage limitations, please visit Difference overview of Cloud vs Server to find out more.

WebSpellChecker Server

The Server version of the WebSpellChecker application is installed and running on your own servers*. Unlike the Cloud version, it provides more control over the application and better level of data security as you know where your data is going and where it resides.

  • One-time payment for unlimited usage on permanent basis

  • High level of data security. All the data processed and stored on your servers

  • Advanced application management and control

  • Extended languages list and configurable features

  • Quarterly application upgrades and maintenance

  • Custom functionality on demand

  • Timely and professional technical support

The server version supports installation on the Windows or Linux-based environments with properly configured web or application server. Check our WebSpellChecker Server System Requirements to find out more.

Good to know:

1. Obtain Trial or Permanent Server License

In order to migrate from Free or Paid version of WebSpellChecker Cloud Services, you need to obtain a separate license for the Server version of WebSpellChecker. Depending on your needs, you can start from 30-day evaluation license or obtain a permanent license to WebSpellChecker Server. You may obtain either type of the server license from our website.

2. Install WebSpellChecker Server

Install and configure WebSpellChecker Server following one of the guides below.

Install WebSpellChecker Server on a Linux server

Install WebSpellChecker Server on a Windows server

3. Update Your Integration Code from Cloud to Server

As soon as WebSpellChecker Server is successfully installed and configured, and the license is activated, you can switch the previous integration from Cloud to Server version. Basically, on this step you need to change the path for the WebSpellChecker Products from WebSpellChecker Cloud to the WebSpellChecker Server that is installed and running on your side. Thus, all the spell and grammar check requests from your application will be processed by the WebSpellChecker Server installed on your side.

Depending on the product and integration you use, please check one of the manuals below:

Still have a question?

Please feel free to contact our technical team if you are having any difficulties with the configuration. 

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