This guide will help you to perform a complete uninstallation of the WebSpellChecker application on a Linux-based environment.

1. Stop AppServer

First of all you need to stop WebSpellChecker Application Server if it is running.

Stop AppServer on a Linux server

Run the script to stop AppServer using the following command below:

sudo sh <WebSpellChecker_Installation_Path>/WSC/AppServer/

Or your can also run the script from the AppServer directory:

/<WebSpellChecker_Installation_Dir>/WSC/AppServer/# sh

2. Uninstall WebSpellChecker

Uninstall the existing copy of the application as described below. If you have any custom settings that you plan to reuse, properly backup all your custom settings including custom/user dictionary files. 

Uninstall WebSpellChecker on Linux

Run the next command to uninstall the application on Linux-based environments:

sudo rm -rf <WebSpellChecker_Installation_Path>/WSC

Prior to uninstalling, make sure you created a backup of the license file (license.xml). By default, the license file location is <WebSpellChecker_Installation_Path>/WSC/AppServer/license.xml.