Good to know:

  • License Ticket ID is a special license activation key that is required for the WebSpellChecker application usage.
  • There are two types of License Ticket IDs available: 30-day trial and permanent (unlimited). Except the validity period, there is no difference between ticket types from the technical perspective.
  • WebSpellChecker license is hardware-based. Once the license is activated, it can't be reused again on another server.

You can verify a WebSpellChecker license type and its validity period by accessing one of the logs files under AppServer/Logs folder. By default the Logs folder contains Main.log and several child log files like Child_0.log, Child_1.log.

1. Logs Location

The location of Logs folder directly depends on the type of the environment where the WebSpellChecker application is installed and running.

  • Path to Logs folder on a Windows server:
  • Path to Logs folder on a Linux server:

2. License Status

Open one of the logs files from Logs folder, find the records with license status information. Based on your license status, you may see the following messages.

Critical	License status: license is absent
Information	License status: 29 days remains
Error	    License status: expired
Information	License status: license is unlimited
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