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Please see below summarized information about the WebSpellChecker usage limitations and pricing policy. The following pricing model gives you more flexibility and control over how you use our products. You can choose the appropriate Cloud plan and use as much or as little as you need.

Cloud pricing plans (WProofreader / SCAYT / WSC Dialog / Web API)

Server version (Full set of products)

Pricing plansBasic / Plus / CustomBespoke
License price, renewals

Starting from $173 per year

The annual cost is defined based on the amount of text processed, and additional features required.

Tailored pricing based on the agreed metrics and licensing terms. Contact our sales team.

Processed words limit

Starting from 200 million processed words per year

If the Cloud customer ends up exceeding the limit, the service will stop working. However, our team monitors the usage, and notify customers beforehand with the proposal to purchase another set of words. In this case, the new price depends on the potential customer usage (per year) and the price of the appropriate usage plan.

Up to unlimited
Term (Validity)1 year1 year
Number of domains / connected appsUnlimited websites within 1 domainUnlimited websites

License type / activation Key

Service ID that works for a number of domainsLicense ticket (per server)
Management and control

Customer account on the website

  • Usage monitoring
  • Custom dictionaries management

Customer account on the website (coming soon)

  • Application control and maintenance
  • Configurable options and features
  • Custom and user dictionaries management
  • Usage monitoring
  • Interface customizations and rebranding
  • Custom functionality (on demand)
Support of HTTPS
Location of data
  • All the service data is sent and processed on WebSpellChecker server(s)
  • Contact us for details of service and statistical data that are collected and stored.
  • Work behind firewall / Intranet
  • All the data are processed and stored on the customer's dedicated server(s). No data is sent outside.
Automatic updates and maintainance
  • Updates and maintainance are provided automatically and on the WebSpellChecker side
  • Updates and maintainance of the servers are the customer responsibility
  • Available only with the active maintainance agreement and within active license period.
SupportBasic support limited to a number of tickets per month

Standard support services, description is provided in the software maintainance agreement (Appendix 3).

Support term1 year
Support amountStarts from 1-2 support ticket / month
Support request typeCritical issues which affect the normal work of services.
Documentation with online samples


All docs of the Cloud-based products

Yes, also includes demo samples and documentation shipped with the package.

All docs of the Server-based products

Assistance typeEmails, live chatEmails, live chat, screen sharing (on demand), phone
Response timeWithin 1 business dayFrom 4 hours to 1 business day (depends on the time when a request is received)
Business hours10:00 am 7:00 pm GMT+2 / GMT+3 (Mon-Fri) excluding official Ukrainian holidays
Customization servicesNoAvailable in the scope of the custom development services.

Supported languages (over 160)

Specialized medical and legal dictionaries

Personal user dictionaryBrowser local storage + WebSpellChecker server(s) once a dictionary is createdBrowser local storage + Client's dedicated server(s) once a dictionary is created
Global custom dictionaryYes, stored on WebSpellChecker server(s)Yes, stored on a client's dedicated server(s)

Yes, available for 15 languages

Yes, available for 15 languages

Terms and conditions

Terms of Service

Software License Agreement, also includes the Maintainance agreement terms
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